CEO/CCO: Rafael Caldeira / CGO: Felipe Belinky / Head of Creative Strategy: Jaqueline David / Design and Creative Leader: Fabiana Falcão / CD: Luiz Mastropietro / Art Director: Eduarda Nieto / Copywriter: Raphael Fiuza / Agency: Cubo CC / Film Producer: Magma / Film Director: Sabothati / Year: 2021
There would be no music without the influence of black culture. However, this contribution is far from receiving adequate recognition. In the “Open Your Ears” campaign Spotify invited people to listen to what black voices have to say.

For the campaign, we invited important black Brazilian artists such as Ludmilla, Djonga, MC Dricka and L7NNON, to talk about their experiences and reports that illustrate the extent of prejudice in the construction of the cultural industry. Based on the guests' personal experiences, the campaign asks: “Do you hear me. But do you hear me?” This question is the guiding thread of the official film of the campaign, which features the voice of the singer Ludmilla, reciting a poem by Kimani, the slam poet from Grajaú.

We've asked the artists to list a few words that represented their voice and inspiration. These words became important elements of the visual identity, so we highlighted them, as if they were a continuation of these artists, and made a kinetic animation.

Creative and Design Director
São Paulo, Brazil