CEO/CCO: Felipe Simi / Executive Creative Director: Rafael Caldeira CGO: Felipe Belinky / Head of Creative Strategy: Munique Lima / Design and Creative Leader: Fabiana Falcão / CD: Luiz Mastropietro / Art Diretcor: Niege Figueiredo / Copywriter: Arthur Zambone e Gabriel Lima / Photagrapher N.I.N.A: MAR + VIN / Film Director Veigh: Premier King / Photagrapher + Director Mc Paiva: Maltchique/ Agency: Soko / Year: 2022
RADAR is a Spotify program focused on supporting up-and-coming artists. In addition to Brazil, RADAR now reaches more than 50 markets. The program is instrumental in emphasizing Spotify's ongoing commitment to new artists at every stage of its development, while also, of course, deepening the connection with its audience.

In the year 2022, Spotify chose 4 Brazilian artists to participate in RADAR. Our concept this year was "make the artist cry". For each one chosen, we had a meeting to understand what he wanted and what made sense at that moment for him. 

For the singer N.I.N.A we did a photo shoot with the photographer duo MAR+VIN. The photos were used in the campaign and in the promotion of the singer's career.

For Veigh, we went to London to dive into Drill's universe and he recorded a song in one of the most famous studios in London. The result was a short film about the story and song "London Freestyle".

One of MC Paiva's dreams was to be in Times Square. For the idea of this shooting, we brought the concept of Mc Paiva on top of the world. 

Creative and Design Director
São Paulo, Brazil