CEO/CCO: Felipe Simi / Executive Creative Director: Rafael Caldeira / Art Director and Creative Director: Fabiana Falcão / Creative Director: Luiz Mastropietro / Copywriter: Raphael Fiuza / Film Producer: Clava / Audio Producer: Paloma / Agency: CuboCC - Soko / Year: 2021

Wrapped is the most important campaign and the most awaited moment of the year by Spotify users. 

To start the celebration of the crazy 2021 year, we teased our audience, inviting them to celebrate the national pride of not being normal. So in 2021, we warmed up the launch of Wrapped through something that had surprised our artists and fans, leveraging social influencers to build anticipation and engagement ahead of launch.

The stunt wrapped the most relevant artists and creators up in their own achievements and events of the year. Dressing them as a "totally normal" cultural moment, will show fans that they are ready to go to Wrapped 2021 with "Roupa de Ir".

We had invited fashion designers to develop, together with us, exclusive iconic looks to celebrate the year of 3 artists (Luiza Sonza, Juliette and Matuê) and 2 creators (Nobru and Rebecca). The result was three short films for social media with the concept that artists and creators were preparing for the most awaited moment of the year: Wrapped 2021. In the film's setting, we did an art direction with props that had to do with each artist's story in 2021 and their achievements.We turned the classic red rug into a green rug, the main color in Spotify's palette.

Creative and Design Director
São Paulo, Brazil